Annual Fund Drive Underway

The Whitefield Volunteer Fire Department is 100 percent volunteer, and unlike paid fire departments, we rely on contributions from the residents and businesses in our community. The donations we receive are used to purchase much needed equipment, which in turn allows us to better serve you.  With the ever increasing cost of insurance, electricity, fuel, equipment repair and maintenance, we often find ourselves having to re-arrange our financial priorities to ensure that the services we provide to our community do not go by the wayside.  

The department recently applied for and was awarded two grants from the Federal level.  Two FEMA “Assistance to Firefighters” grants provided a new 2000 gallon tanker truck, and will provide portable and mobile radios, fitness equipment and additional training for firefighters.  These grants typically require a percentage of matching funds.

The Whitefield Fire Department is currently 30 members strong.  Firefighters are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  Your volunteer firefighters provide a necessary service that is vital to this community.  They give up their time and that with their families to ensure that your call for help does not go unanswered.  In 2010, Whitefield firefighters responded to over 160 incidents. Some of these calls were false alarms, however many were serious emergencies.  Your volunteer firefighters responded to numerous automobile fires, structure fires and motor vehicle accidents in which several cases the occupants of the vehicle were trapped and were required to be extricated. 

 The department’s responsibilities do not end with protecting lives and property.  Countless hours are spent each year promoting fire safety and prevention in local churches and daycare facilities. 

 Please consider the importance of local volunteer fire protection and send your donation today.

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